Pixel Motif Purpose

I’m starting this project for two important reasons.  The first reason is that I’ve been a consumer most of the 31 years of my life.  None of us are too long for this world and many of us get through it just consuming.  I’m not vilifying consumption but I think there should be more of a balance.  I want to produce more in order to even out my personal balance.  I’ve had the occasional project and volunteer regularly but I want to do something that brings little moments of joy to a larger audience.  Video game development seems like a likely choice in order to reach a huge audience.  More people are playing games today than ever before.  It’s not just the engrossed streamers, the professional MOBA players, and the lifelong gamers, now even the average person dinks around on their smart phone.  Technological immigrants are playing addicting phone games.  Geographically separated families connect online and pass the time with board games, word games, puzzles, and sims.  Video games are my best chance and reaching the widest audience.

The second and more important reason for getting into game dev is that I want to make games for my kids and about my kids.  I’ll churn out the occasional kid’s app to entertain them on car rides or teach them some basic colors, shapes or animals.  But, I also want to make some adventure games that star my two sons.  Right now they are two years old and five months.  I’m hoping that they will pick up these games in a few years and see them is a good memento.  Right now I’m thinking of a platformer series that would be fun to create.

Lastly, I’ll be documenting my journey as I learn to share with others that might want to get into game dev.  I’ll link to the plethora of resources out there and maybe write a few of my own tutorials.  I’m hoping that in doing this, I’ll be able to get feedback from the wide audience out there.  The kind of feedback that can turn a quaint hobbyist game into something worth playing.  Thanks for reading.

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